Voluntary Movement 
for Reforestation

An essential contribution

M-VR lives thanks to the hard work of volunteers and to the financial contribution of a few Montrealers from Haiti. The funds raised are used only to operate the nursery where the young tree shoots are started.


Focused on education

To protect the environment, it must be valued. And to value it, you have to understand it. M-VR’s goal is to educate young Haitians to understand the importance of the environment by participating in reforestation and education activities.


A necessity to ensure
the prosperity of Haitians

Deforestation has disastrous consequences for the Haitian people. With its mountainous terrain, each storm and each rain washes away the soil and removes the few nutrients it contains. Without tree cover to prevent erosion, the soil will never be able to produce food efficiently.


Generating value

Agroforestry systems are implemented through this project. These agroforestry systems produce food that directly benefits the people who participate in the project. This creation of wealth has the impact of motivating citizens to reforest even more land to improve everyone’s quality of life!


Learn to fish rather than
give a fish

Many projects in the region give things to people who need them, but without leaving anything constructive behind. In this way, people become perpetually dependent on donations from elsewhere. M-VR rather advocates the approach of education by targeting young people as a priority. The beneficiaries of the project actively participate in reforestation and develop a good knowledge of the importance of the forest as well as methods to restore deforested land. Since these people then benefit from the resources generated by the forest, they will be greatly motivated and will have the means to continue reforestation even in the absence of funding from abroad.


Sustainable natural capital

With better forest cover and a population that understands its value, many problems can be avoided. Rainwater will be better absorbed and retained by the soil, agroforestry systems will be able to generate food, biodiversity will be able to reestablish itself and so on! The country will therefore be more resilient in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes and tropical storms.


Visit the organisation’s website: https://www.m-vr.ca/




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