We all feel powerless in the face of the scale of the climate crisis. We compost and recycle. We use reusable bags for grocery shopping. We choose to consume a little less meat. But sometimes you wonder if all this will be enough.


The political world should recognize that we are facing a crisis and take drastic measures to counter this crisis. Unfortunately, the promises are insufficient and the actions do not live up to the promises. We cannot wait for politicians to take action. We all need to get on board in the fight against climate change.


At Rafela, we look for projects that have a real and lasting impact. Then, we allow all people to contribute according to their means to these projects. For the price of a take-out meal, you can make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

Together, we can



If you think that we can’t afford to fight the climate crisis, tell yourself that we can’t afford to do nothing. Climate defeatism is currently our worst enemy. We too often tell ourselves that it is too late, that there is nothing to do, that we are powerless. But in order to ensure a happy future for our children, we cannot afford to give up. I want there to still be snow in the winter for my children and my grandchildren. And I’m ready to do anything to get there. Let’s continue to put pressure on governments. Let’s continue to change our lifestyles to be more respectful of our environment. And let’s contribute to projects that have a lasting impact.

Benoît Lanthier – Founder of Rafela

My name is Benoît Lanthier and I created Rafela with the goal to allow everyone to contribute in the fight against climate change.

I developed a network with people who do amazing things in the fight against climate change. I want to allow as many people as possible to have the chance to contribute to those projects and do their part.

When I’m not busy trying to fight climate change, I also enjoy yoga, hiking and snowkite. I’m a veterinarian since 2012. I have two beautiful daughters, a border collie and an amazing wife.